“They define a republic to be government of laws, and not of men.”  —John Adams


The names of the parties are your first clues to understanding their beliefs.  Democrats believe in a democracy; they do not generally believe in the republic.  The reason for this is because Democrats believe that the majority should always have its way.  In Europe, this has become a problem, since the Social Democrats across countries there have used majority rule to eliminate many rights and freedoms.  For example, free speech no longer exists in Europe or in Canada.  Criticizing Muhammad, for example, will get you a prison term almost anywhere in Europe these days, with the exceptions of Poland, Hungary, and perhaps a few other places.  In Canada, a man named Eric Brazau was “arrested and then denied bail for saying that he hated Islam”.  In other words, for disagreeing with the majority—who voted for a government that would submit to Islam—a citizen with a minority view was put in jail.  America’s First Amendment is a hindrance to such illiberality, since it does not allow arrest or imprisonment of political opponents by simply labeling their utterances as “hate speech,” for it is always the majority that…

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