President Ronald Reagan has been regarded as The Great Communicator due to his ability to convey his thoughts and ideas to the American public. Apparently, this was a skill that he long held and not just something from his days as President. In the 4.7-minute audio byte at the end of the article, you will hear Mr. Reagan sounding the warning about socialized medicine and the accompanying creep of socialism. It is worth hearing because Senator Bernie Sanders and 15 other Senators are pushing for Medicare for all. Not only is it not a workable plan financially, but it plays right into the socialist cause. Please listen to the Gipper.

As Written By Allen B. West:

I have shared this saying with you before from my dad, ol’ Buck West: “An empty wagon makes a lot of noise.” Well, when it comes to our dear friends on the progressive, socialist left — who now own the Democrat party — it’s more like, “a broken empty wagon makes useless noise.”

Sadly, however, it always seems that the liberal, progressive left is the loudest — whether they’re in the majority or minority — and they continue to boldly peddle their failed thoughts, ideas, and principles. They’re the broken, empty wagon.

And what’s disconcerting…

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