The Left’s novel approach to helping poor displaced minorities in the wake of Hurricane Harvey is to kill their babies.

And I love how Planned Parenthood hides behind front organizations like Whole Woman’s Health when plotting the destruction of minorities, specifically blacks.

As FOX News reports,

Whole Woman’s Health, a reproductive health care organization, in collaboration with other groups, is offering free abortions to women affected by Hurricane Harvey.

That’s right. Instead of offering real help, this organization offers its services to kill children. I can’t imagine how this would be received if Donald Trump offered it?

The story continues,

At least 74 women have already taken the organization up on the offer, or have scheduled an appointment for the procedure, the Dallas Morning News reported. The price will be fully covered, as will the cost of transportation and accommodations, the group said.

And you can bet some of these young black women will love being picked up in a car to go on their date with the Devil. For many of them, the outing to kill their child may be their first real date in years. Hopefully Whole Woman’s Health will throw in a meal and leave a few dollars on the dresser. After all, they…

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