This is a huge local story in our area but you hear NOTHING on the national news about a Muslim teen who murdered his mom by throwing her from the second story window of their home. We’re shocked that the local news went into detail on this because it’s usually swept under the rug because they are Muslim.

They’re calling it ‘matricide’ and we’re calling it an honor killing by the son of a man who never assimilated to American culture after being here since 1999! The story is horrible but it’s not so horrible in the Middle East where THIS DOES HAPPEN. Note that the local Imam is involved in this case for influencing the 16-year old on trial.


Nada Huranieh’s death was initially seen as an accidental fall, but investigators soon determined the 35-year-old fitness trainer had been murdered — and that her 16-year-old son was the alleged culprit.

Authorities remain tight-lipped about their investigation into Huranieh’s death, but court records shed some light on her family’s sometimes troubled existence behind the walls of their mansion off a quiet dirt road in southern Oakland County.

Huranieh, 35, died Aug. 21 from injuries suffered in a fall from a second-floor window of the seven-bedroom home on…

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