President Trump’s latest tweets after the 5th terror attack in the United Kingdom this year is making Leftists go crazy — but is he right?

No matter what the President says, you know it’s going to trigger somebody.

He could say the sky is blue and dissenters would protest in the streets with signs and weird hats chanting, ‘Hey-hey, ho-ho!  The sky’s cerulean doncha know!‘   CNN would have 36 hours of coverage on why the sky isn’t blue.

Don’t believe me?  ‘The Most Trusted Name In News’ made a big deal about how many scoops of ice cream the President gets.  In my book, President Trump should get as much ice cream as he wants from saving us from enduring a Hillary administration.  He should open up one of his Trump Ice Cream shops — or better yet, a Ben and Jerry’s — at the White House with a sign that reads, ‘President Trump eats here for free‘.

So, what did he say this time that’s got pretty much everyone on the Left up in arms?

The truth.

And this ‘controversial’ tweet:

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