White House Chief of Staff John Kelly ensured that President Donald Trump was literally surrounded by amnesty boosters the night he agreed to give away a huge, expensive and unpopular amnesty in exchange for an empty bag of “border security” promises.

The September 13 amnesty deal has proved so half-baked and disastrous that Kelly and other top officials have promised to develop a new immigration reform plan within ten days which matches Trump’s 2016 campaign proposals.

The Kelly set-up was exposed by the seating chart, which seated Trump between the two Democratic leaders, Sen. Chuck Schumer and  Rep. Nancy Pelosi. According to the Washington Post:

Act One was the dinner itself, a meal of honey sesame crispy beef, sticky rice and chocolate cream pie for dessert, with Schumer and Pelosi flanking Trump on both sides.

Another person in the room was Trump’s congressional relations chief, Marc Short, who is a former president of a Koch brothers’ pro-immigration group.  On September 12, he suggested the president should trade his campaign promise of a border wall in exchange for tax-breaks sought by CEOs. On a Friday MSNBC show, Short admitted the September 13 seating was deliberate when he answered a question from…

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