In St. Louis, we have many, many liberal elected representatives. And in the recent past, we’ve been highlighted across the country for more than protests and riots. If Claire McCaskill isn’t brown-nosing her way through the Obama administration, then Maria Chappelle Nadal is wishing that President Trump would be assassinated.

Racism and liberalism runs rampant though the inner city of St. Louis, and elected elites play to it every chance they get.

But the winds have shifted and the old leftist tricks of the past aren’t working as well as they used to. As the conservatives have many times been accused of succumbing to the circular firing squad in times of political stress, so now have the St. Louis left begun to eat their own. And who better to start the outrageous assault than our own, Maria Chappelle Nadal.

Maria was most recently reported to have wished for the president’s death on Twitter. She faces expulsion from the Missouri Senate for her outrageous and unsavory behavior. And while she has apologized for her tainted tweets, she just can’t seem to keep her nose out of trouble for very long. She may not be able to nasty-gram the president anymore, so she’s set her sights on the state’s Democratic leader,…

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