If you are a member of the party of the leftist amoral Democrats then you too can have a scandal and nobody will hold you accountable. That is the way it is working in Seattle. In that city, Mayor  Ed Murray has had mutiple accusations of sexual perversity leveled at him. At first he declined to resigne. Now the number of charges have grown and he is stepping down. Has the Democrat Party members condemned him? Crickets. Why is that?

As Written By Allen B. West:

The left is always looking for their next gimmick candidate for the national stage. What do I mean by that? Well, they are always seeking to have the “first this or that.”

Barack Obama was the first black President — technically speaking he was half-white, but we will let that slide. Hillary Clinton was supposed to have been the first woman President. What happened? Easy answer: she sucked as a candidate, and was totally corrupt — reflecting that which we all despise about Washington DC.

Now, you hear the left potentially going back to that well with Senators Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris. Good luck with that: both are wacky progressive socialist leftists — but, they could pull it off. Doggone, they are even talking about recycling an Obama: this time…

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